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From the Coach Who Has Built Teams of Over 40K People

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  • ​Stage Presence
  • ​Worldwide team building
  • ​Online & Offline Strategies
  • ​Prospecting

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"Cedrick provided me the guidance, coaching and training that I needed in order to become a successful network marketer.

 Now I’m the Vice President of Marketing of a successful network marketing company that I’m sure would not have been possible without his stellar guidance."

-Cheryl Coco
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"I had the pleasure of working with Ced on my network marketing team and I got to witness him absolutely crush it.

If you want to learn prospecting, recruiting, closing, leadership...

I don’t know if there’s a better person to learn from."

-Ray Higdon
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"I have been a fan of Cedrick Harris for a really long, long time. 
I know Ced is the guy to lead the way for online and offline marketing. 

If you want to know where internet marketing is going, watch Ced over the next year as it unfolds."

-Lisa Grossman

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The Founder of CedSaid Unplugged - Cedrick Harris

Ced is one of the most skilled professionals inside network marketing - period. An internet marketing coach, networker, published author, and speaker.
  • Built teams of over 40K people
  • ​Produced over $100M in sales in multiple companies
  • Coached and produced numerous 6 and 7 figure earners in direct sales and network marketing

Ced's Premium Content

The 7 Deadly Mistakes (Never Released Content)

Do NOT fall for the traps and Mistakes most Network Marketers make. Once you understand the mistakes, you can avoid them. Let me guide you into avoiding these and watch your business THRIVE!

Online and Offline Secrets (Never Released Content)

Out of a WARM MARKET? Build Your Empire by connecting with people you do not even know! This is the Ultimate Cold Market Prospecting Training. Let me teach you about Coincidental Connections. 

Private Tips From Ced (Never Released Content)

Some may say that these PRIVATE TIPS are the Keys To The Kingdom! Let me walk you through some SECRET Tips, Trainings and Strategies that will grow your business. Constant Stream of New Content!

Real Results From Real People.

"Cedrick and I have been business partners for over a decade now and everything he teaches is pure gold. 

If you want to succeed in Network Marketing you need to listen to what #CedSaid. Period."

-Michael Mansell 
"Ced is a gem. He’s real and raw, and he encourages you.

He’s been an incredible mentor, and has really helped me develop more of the money mindset and broaden my thinking as an entrepreneur."

-Alessa Yarbrough
"The insights from Ced are right on point and his training are energizing. 

You can’t help being a better you by being around Ced and his training....
Ced is a bad ass man."

-Deagan Smith

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